Questions and answers

  • You need to select the currency you are giving in the drop-down window, then also mark the one you receive. After that, you can specify the amount of return or the desired amount to receive, the calculation is performed automatically. Then by clicking on the "Start exchange" button, you agree to the rules of the exchange service. In the new window, fill in all the necessary data for a successful exchange. Pay for the order using the specified details on our website. Confirm the payment and wait for the funds to arrive, on average all order are processed within 5-15 minutes! Here is a link to the video review, which describes in detail all the stages of creating an order: Video

  • There are two possible reasons for this situation:
    1. It is possible that the funds did not reach due to a delay in the payment system. Your funds will not be lost and will be credited in the near future.
    2. Be sure to check the correctness of the provided requisites if you made a mistake, there is a possibility that the funds went to another person.

  • This is possible if you contact customer support immediately. The refund will be made taking into account the commissions. A refund will not be possible if the order is "Completed" and the funds are sent to the specified details.

  • If you encounter this problem, please contact the support service immediately for a prompt solution.

  • The status of your order can be viewed in your personal account, in the "My orders" section, or by mail that was specified when creating the application.

  • You can find the referral link in your personal account in the "Referral Program" section, you can also see click-through statistics and create an application for the payment of referral funds.

  • The rate is fixed at the time of receipt of the required confirmations from the platform on which the funds are received! Crypto assets have high volatility, first of all, this should be taken into account in the case of sending coins with complex protocols, where the wait for receipt is much longer. During the admission period, the course can change significantly, both up and down. It all depends on the liquidity of the coins and the selected pair. It is for this reason that recalculation takes place.